Sunday, April 11, 2010

RAMPART and Bravo team, SISOR

RAMPART(left) and Bravo team(right), Scotian Independent Special Operations Regiment (SISOR).

SISOR is the intergalactically renowned special forces formation tasked with completing the most dangerous and sensitive missions undertaken by the Scotian Military. Members of SISOR are trained in all manner of regular and irregular warfare. Most commonly these appear on the battlefield as Section-sized Special Forces teams such as Bravo team (pictured above right) or as independent operators (above left).

Codename: RAMPART. One of SISOR's elusive special operators. A master of hit and run tactics, demolitions and close-quarters battle.
Lieutenant **********(redacted). Due to the independent nature of their assignments most SF-teams like Bravo have both a senior NCO (usually a Warrant Officer), and a Junior Officer (pictured above). Note his modified S8 Lascarbine, it is fitted with several attachments including a folding stock, flash suppressor and optical sight.
Warrant Officer ********** and Sergeant ********. SISOR assaulters are given access to equipment and modifications not available to regular forces. Both these troopers are wearing personal protective armor usually reserved for Imperial Storm troopers or Space Marine Scouts as well as section voxcasters. Note the drum magazine(left) and underslung S203 grenade launcher(right). The Warrant is also sporting the distinctive green beret and cap badge of SISOR.

MWO Parry's Assault Pioneers

2 Section, 1/7th Assault Pioneer Company(Airmobile), 1RSR.

The 7th Assault Pioneer Company provides 1RSR with organic engineering support for its infantry battalions. Commanded by Master Warrant Officer M. Parry 2 section excels at both traditional engineering tasks such as the construction of fortifications but also specializes at close-in tank hunting and bunker assaults.
MWO Parry mounted in his Airmobile Engineering Support suit (AMES).
The AMES suit is adapted from similar technology to that employed in the Sentinel program. It provides the user greater strength, armament and survivability while maintaining maneuverability and mobility requisite for airborne operations.
A rear view showing the AMES suit's power plant and leg hydraulics.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

1st Company Commissary Attachments

Pictured: Commissar-Captain F. Slate (left), Lord Commissar J. Stone (centre), and Naval-Commissar W. Tikka.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

1st (Parachute) Co. 2/1stRSR

The 1st (Parachute) Company, 2nd Battalion, 1st Royal Scotian Regiment deployed.

The 1st Company is one of the premiere infantry units in the Royal Scotian world. It is a rapid deployment unit often tasked with critical tasks in a conventional warfare role. For many troopers and officers it is a stopping point for future advancement into Scotian Special Operations Command (SSORCOM).

1st Co. has received numerous battle honours over the course of its history and holds the distinction of never having been refounded- a rare distinction on the battlefields of the 40th millenium.

Captain R. Macgregor - Officer Commanding 1 Platoon

Captain Macgregor is a rapidly rising officer in the RSR. He is seen as innovative and aggressive commander, striking from where he is least expected and against targets most guardsman are loath to confront. He is usually accompanied by veteran troopers armed with plasma guns. This is seen as an honour for 1st Co. troopers despite the risks and high casualty rate in this position.

Lieutenant J. Lee - Officer Commanding 2 Platoon

Often seen as a "lead from the rear" type, Lee is more accurately described as contemplative, tactically minded officer. Unlike Capt. Macgregor, the senior Platoon Commander of 1st Co., Lt. Lee prefers to oversee the flow of battle from a remote position where he can coordinate without being drawn into direct contact. He is often accompanied by the 1st Co. parachute marksman team.

1st Company Parachute Marksman Team

Company HQ 1st(Parachute) Co. 2/1stRSR

The headquarters section for 1st Parachute Company, 2nd Battalion, 1st Royal Scotian Regiment.

Major S. Steel, SMV, CD. - Officer Commanding.

Maj. Steel Has been twice awarded the Star of Military Valour (SMV), Scotia's highest honour for gallantry in the face of the enemy.

The first was awarded for actions he performed as an Officer Cadet in the Defense of Scotia Campaign (Y39k.677) where he lead a platoon of raw recruits in a close assault against an enemy super-heavy.

He recieved a bar on the SMV for during his rotation with the Scotian Special Operations Regiment (y39k.683). The files on this award are closed. It is speculated that it was in the course of this action that he sustained the injuries that necessitated his extensive mechanical implants.

An inspiring officer, Steel leads from the front, usually in the swirl of melee where his enhanced strength and toughness can do the most damage to the enemy.


Lieutenant(N) G. Harding - Imperial Naval Support Coordinator

Captain D. Belliard - Company FOO

Captain K. Payeur - Company S-2 (Intelligence)

Also pictured:

Warrant Officer G. Makerenko - Company Standard Bearer
Lieutenant L. Shannon - Company Medic
Master Corporal D. Miles - Company Signaler
Sergeant M. Smith