Sunday, April 11, 2010

RAMPART and Bravo team, SISOR

RAMPART(left) and Bravo team(right), Scotian Independent Special Operations Regiment (SISOR).

SISOR is the intergalactically renowned special forces formation tasked with completing the most dangerous and sensitive missions undertaken by the Scotian Military. Members of SISOR are trained in all manner of regular and irregular warfare. Most commonly these appear on the battlefield as Section-sized Special Forces teams such as Bravo team (pictured above right) or as independent operators (above left).

Codename: RAMPART. One of SISOR's elusive special operators. A master of hit and run tactics, demolitions and close-quarters battle.
Lieutenant **********(redacted). Due to the independent nature of their assignments most SF-teams like Bravo have both a senior NCO (usually a Warrant Officer), and a Junior Officer (pictured above). Note his modified S8 Lascarbine, it is fitted with several attachments including a folding stock, flash suppressor and optical sight.
Warrant Officer ********** and Sergeant ********. SISOR assaulters are given access to equipment and modifications not available to regular forces. Both these troopers are wearing personal protective armor usually reserved for Imperial Storm troopers or Space Marine Scouts as well as section voxcasters. Note the drum magazine(left) and underslung S203 grenade launcher(right). The Warrant is also sporting the distinctive green beret and cap badge of SISOR.


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